At the Alternative Wellness Center we believe

 the body has the ability to heal itself from any obstacle.

True health can only be gained when we address

 both the physical and emotional pieces of each issue.

Susan uses A non-invasive method of testing called

 applied kinesiology.  She is able to test for a

 wide range of obstacles from parasites

 to trapped emotions.  We use natural remedies

 and various modalities to find the source of your

 illness, pain, disease and emotional distress.

 We then provide you with the tools to correct

 the issues so you can heal yourself.

Break Free From Your Fears,

So You May Have Faith

To Spread Your Wings And Soar ~ Susan


 Susan Sisk Reynolds

 Certified Total Body Analysis Practitioner

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner


Susan is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina.  In 2011 she married her

high school sweet heart  and lives with him on a small farm in

Western Gaston County, North Carolina. Susan started studying

alternative medicine in 2006.  She continually studies many

 other forms of energy work  and incorporates them

 into her practice. Susan consults with clients in person and remotely.

  She has human and animal clients throughout the United States.


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